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This is an image of our Seal. Point your mouse to each section to see a description of it and click on it to see an expanded explanation. Or scroll down to the bottom to see all the explanations.

Blue and Gold Fleur-de-lis Green Roundel Green Roundel Shell Shell Star of Bethlehem Rod of Aesculapius Fleur-de-lis Our Ideal Wavy Triangle Wavy Triangle

Symbols of the Seal

Wavy Triangle  [Back to Top]
This represents Long Island
Blue and Gold  [Back to Top]
These are the colors of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Patroness of the United States
Star of Bethlehem  [Back to Top]
This shape represents us, the Congregation of the Infant Jesus
Rod of Aesculapius  [Back to Top]
This is the Caduceus, the Symbol for the field of medicine
Two Green Roundels  [Back to Top]
The seven wavy bars indicate channels of grace, especially the Sacraments, and the spiritual and corporal works of mercy
Shell  [Back to Top]
This is the Symbol of St. James, Greater (the First Church in Brooklyn, now the St. James Cathedral - Basilica) and also represents Baptism
Fleur-de-lis  [Back to Top]
This represents France, the origin of the Congregation
"To Minister in Christ"  [Back to Top]
Our Ideal, that we hold true

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