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Associate relationship is a way in which adults outside of the vowed membership can share in the mission and goals of a religious congregation. The relationship is mutually creative, enriches, supports and challenges both associates and vowed members in their response to the Gospel. The essential element of association is to widen and strengthen bonds with others who affirm the goals and mission of a religious congregation. Associates do this while maintaining their independent life style."

- North American Conference of Associates and Religious

Women and men who wish to enhance their spiritual life and who are attracted to the spirituality of our Congregation become Associates

Sr. Elizabeth Anne McKiernan. CIJ
Sister Fran

Those interested are introduced to our members, to our spirituality, and to our focus on bringing spirituality to reality in every day life.

Associates commit themselves to a life as true Christians with a focus on an Incarnational approach to life and a commitment to focus this Incarnational influence in some type of Service in the Church.

Jane and Peggy

Associates of the Congregation of the Infant Jesus are persons who wish to enhance the living out of their Baptismal commitment and deepen their spiritual life through sharing in the Incarnational Spirituality and the healing ministry of the Congregation.

The primary vocation of the Associate, whether it be the married or single life, and that of each Sister is highly respected and holds priority in each of their lives.


New Associates for CIJ's  100th Anniversary YearEleven people made their Associate commitment to the Congregation of the Infant Jesus on September 18 at a 10 AM Mass at Villa St. Joseph in Rockville Centre.  Rev. Thomas P. Tuite, himself a new Associate, presided at the Mass which was attended by about 100 people. The new Associates are:  Bob Bienemann, Jr.; Teresa Clese; Carol DeNoble; Margaret Ferreri; Mina Kearns; Janet Kennedy; Aileen and Bob Martellucci; Moira Rossiter; Peggy Sprague; and Rev. Thomas P. Tuite, Jr.  A twelfh person, Ethel Lauricella, renewed her commitment for another year.  The Associate Program is 21 years old this year.

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Becoming an Associate

The person interested in becoming an Associate:

  • fills out an application and forwards it to the Director of Associates
  • is interviewed by the Director of Associates
  • participates in and completes an orientation program
  • participates in a visitation and conference with the Director of Associates

Once the candidate and Director of Associates agree that association with the Congregation as an Associate is appropriate for the candidate and after a period of at least six months the candidate:

  • in conjunction with the Director of Associates formulates a commitment with the Congregation
  • makes the initial commitment for a period of one year
  • after one year, in conjunction with the Director of Associates, evaluates the commitment experience and determines either to renew the commitment for a period of not less than three years or to decline further association
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The Commitment of the Associate with the Congregation of the Infant Jesus includes but is not limited to:

  • a timed commitment to share in the mission and spirit of the Congregation
  • a statement of the manner in which the Associate wishes to participate in the prayer life and mission of the Congregation
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The Congregation Provides

In helping Associates fulfill their commitment the Congregation provides:

  • channels for spiritual development
  • opportunities to experience the life and spirit of the Congregation

For additional information about the Associates of the Congregation of the Infant Jesus or on becoming an Associate:

by Phone
(516) 823-3807
by E-Mail
or Write
Director of Associates
Villa Saint Joseph
984 North Village Avenue
Rockville Centre , New York 11570-1099

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